Q: Is dry walling legally for in-house renovations?

A: Yes, Drywalling is legal to be used for in house renovations.

Q: Are there any hazardous chemicals in dry walling.

A: Drywalling is mostly made up of thin panels of gypsum board, which is much better than earlier methods used

Q: Can drywalling be cut to fit a frame built into the current wall

A: Dry walling can be cut to size, however getting a professional to do this would be the better option.

Q: Can I put tiles onto a dry wall?

A: Tiles can be affixed to dry walling by a professional tiler.

Q: I there a life expectancy for drywalling.

A; Drywalling can last for well over 30 years in most cases, this is completely dependent on how the Drywalling is maintained.

Q: Can Drywalling be used in a garage

A: Yes, Drywalling can be used in a garage.

Q: Is Drywalling suitable for laundry rooms

A: Drywalling can be used in almost every area for your home, including kitchens and bathrooms.