At Drywalling Sandton we believe that with our vast range of products that have been secured insome of the most advanced countries in the world as well as from the best local manufactures, we are able to meet every consumers needs be this fixed panel or pre-manufactured large panels, precast walls to even green boards for laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms in the ever-changing world of construction and renovations.

With damages to the environment being what they and a very real concern for all we are able to assure our clients that thanks to continued innovations in Drywalling that in time various pollutants from the environment could also safely be stored in our some or our range of Drywalling in years to come giving you that added protection and benefit.

Drywalling Sandton we assure both residential and commercial customers that our dry walling is one of the most cost-effective Building and renovation systems available as well as giving the local markets a chance to compete with the best and be recognised as one of the best manufacturing countries of drywalling in the world. With the continued Innovations of manufacturers’ to have the least amount of effect on the environment is the minimal amount of water used in the installation of our dry walling systems and products, allowing us to move forward in ways never seen before while doing our bit in helping the environment.

In securingĀ our products from both local and International manufacturers we are ensuring our clients receive only the best range of products available from America, Canada, New Zealand and China putting Drywalling Sandton at the forefront of the Drywalling Industry.

Drywalling Sandton